The Blue Crab, scientifically known as Callinectes sapidus, is an invasive species that has fairly recently been discovered along the coastline of Gibraltar and Spain. This species is native to the Atlantic coast of North America and has made its way to the Mediterranean through shipping activities. The Blue Crab is known for its voracious appetite, which has made it a threat to the local ecosystem.

Invasive species like the Blue Crab can have a significant impact on the local environment by altering food webs, competing with native species for resources, and even altering the physical structure of habitats. For example, the Blue Crab is known to consume large amounts of bivalves, small crustaceans, and even fish, which can lead to a decline in populations of these species. In addition, the Blue Crab is known to have a strong impact on habitats like marshes, which provide important nesting sites for birds and serve as nursery areas for many fish species.

The Blue Crab: What can we do?

It is important to log the findings of the Blue Crab because it will help us to understand its distribution and impact on the local ecosystem. This information is critical for developing effective management strategies to prevent its spread and minimise its impact. Additionally, monitoring the Blue Crab will allow us to assess the effectiveness of management efforts over time, which will be crucial for determining whether additional measures need to be taken to protect the local environment.

The NEMO app, developed by The Nautilus Project, is an app designed to help people understand the ocean and its inhabitants. The app features interactive maps, images, and videos that provide an immersive experience and help users to understand the complexities of the ocean and its ecosystem. Additionally, the app offers opportunities for users to get involved in ocean conservation efforts by logging your sightings and categorising them.

The Nautilus Project is an initiative that aims to increase public awareness and understanding of the ocean and its importance to the planet. By using cutting-edge technology and scientific data, the Nautilus Project seeks to create a more informed and engaged public that is better equipped to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. So be sure to download the app available on IOS and Android and log your sightings!

The Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus), is an invasive species and can be reported on the NEMO app.


To summarise, the Blue Crab is a threat to the coastal environments of Gibraltar and Spain, and it is crucial that we log its findings to understand its distribution and impact on the local ecosystem. Effective management strategies are needed to prevent its spread and minimise its impact on the local environment. This information will be vital for protecting our coastal habitats and preserving the unique biodiversity of the region.

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