Explore the underwater wonders of the Costa del Sol & Gibraltar.

Certified divers can join us for our daily trips to some of the best sites on the Costa del Sol. We are the only dive centre in Andalucia that regularly dives all four of the best diving locations of the region: Gibraltar, Marbella, La Herradura and Tarifa. These 4 locations contain 28 unique dive sites and over 20 shipwrecks.
Day trips include two dives and equipment. Also included is transport to and from the dive sites, local pick-up and drop-off, snacks and drinks throughout the day.

La Herradura.

One of Andalucia’s most popular dive destinations, La Herradura, is located on the outskirts of Granada. This location features two bays, La Herradura and Marina del Este, which borders a marine reserve.
Because of this, this dive spot is brimming with life year-round. Octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, scorpionfish and sunfish are just some of the species you can find here.


As part of an old reef conservation project, Gibraltar is home to roughly 40 wrecks dotted around its coastline. These wrecks are now home to thousands of fish and many different aquatic species. The main sites in Gibraltar are Camp Bay, with ten shipwrecks alone and the historic Rosia Bay, where Lord Admiral Nelson’s body was brought to shore in the HMS Victory after his triumph at the Battle of Trafalgar.


A fantastic boat dive, one of the most popular sites is the wreck of San Andres, the remains of a paddle steamer that collided with the reef roughly 150 years ago. Now bursting with life, the shipwreck is the ideal cleaning station for pelagic species coming in from the Atlantic. Octopus, moray and conger eels, crabs and lobsters and even turtles are just some of the species you can find at Tarifa.

Marbella & San Pedro.

Marbella & San Pedro are some of the more local dive sites situated on the Costa del Sol. The Tower is a fantastic site just five minutes boat ride from the Marbella Port. The remains of this crane tower constructed in the 1950s have created a beautiful artificial reef that many different species call home. El Galeon in San Pedro is a great dive site that features the remains of a Spanish Galeon, scuttled around 300 years ago. At only 6m deep, the remains of this wreck houses octopus, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, and the odd moray eel too!